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Active Presence

Wirral based Active Presence, a consultancy assisting companies to communicate more effectively with their target markets; recruits University of Liverpool Politics & Communication Studies graduate Heather Smith.

Wirral based Active Presence has helped numerous SMEs, as well as larger companies such as Virgin, to improve their reputation and employee presentation and media skills.

Through these specialised activities, Active Presence has helped companies win major sales contracts worth €200,000, achieve 30% business growth and secure large public sector contracts.

With a growing business Managing Director, Chris Davidson, required additional marketing support for a three month role. Hearing about our service from Invest Wirral, Chris contacted Graduate to Merseyside Project Manager Jane Forster to help identify the key skills and experiences he needed from a potential candidate.

Jane swiftly identified Heather Smith, a Politics and Communication Studies graduate from the University of Liverpool, who had significant marketing communications knowledge and specialist social media/multimedia skills which she acquired through her professional experience.  She was the perfect fit and Chris moved quickly and offered her a three month role as Production & Marketing Assistant.

Only a month after Chris contacted Graduate to Merseyside Heather was in post and making an immediate impact. Managing the company’s social media, blog and multimedia she was able to put her skills to use straight away. As a result of her making such a good impression, Chris recently offered Heather a further five month contract to continue her good work within the company.

Chris is extremely positive about his experience with Graduate to Merseyside and the impact Heather has made.

“The Graduate to Merseyside scheme has proved hugely beneficial for Active Presence. The addition of someone with appropriate knowledge and relevant skills has given me the freedom to do more, without sacrificing the day to day necessities of driving the business forward. Within a month, marketing e-mails driven by Heather had won business for the company. Now, we look forward to expanding all of our online activity.”

Heather is also delighted with service provided by Graduate to Merseyside:

“There has been a lot to do! From the start, work has been both varied and exciting. I am really grateful for the opportunity and look forward to continuing my work with Chris over the coming months to make Active Presence as successful as it can be.”

Active Presence’s experience highlights the benefits offered by Graduate to Merseyside’s specialist service in providing carefully selected graduates with the skills and know-how needed to make an immediate impact.

If your company has a skills gap that a graduate may be able to fill why not take Active Presence’s lead and contact Graduate to Merseyside today.

For Further Information

E: gradopps@liv.ac.uk

T: 0151 794 5112

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