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Brew Tea Company

Rainford based Brew Tea Company, a high quality whole leaf tea producer; recruits University of Liverpool History graduate Sarah Hewitt.

Brew Tea Company

Managing Director of Brew Tea Company, Phil Kirby, is a man on a mission. A lifelong tea devotee, Phil spotted a gap in the market for high quality whole leaf tea to be served alongside freshly ground coffee in specialist catering outlets.


The company creates its own blend of well-known tea, with the USP being in the preparation of the tea: rather than grinding the leaves and adding artificial ingredients, the natural flavour and goodness is retained by using the whole leaf.  The company has now extended its range to nine bespoke varieties.


Yet, even though Phil had total belief in the product, he knew the world wouldn’t beat a path to his door, hence the need for a dedicated sales person, which is where Graduate to Merseyside stepped in.  The team started by producing a shortlist of highly talented, energetic and personable graduates and then went on to manage the application process and set up the interview schedule; all of which can prove overwhelming for a busy SME recruiting direct or through an agency.


History graduate Sarah Hewitt came out top of the pile and was recruited for her research and communication skills, self-motivation and engaging personality.   Three months into the role, Sarah is spreading the word very effectively.


Phil Kirby is delighted:  “Graduate to Merseyside really delivered.  They took the hassle and cost out of the recruitment process, and provided a group of applicants that were ideally suited to our target markets.  The way they processed and packaged all the data made the job so much easier.  Sarah is now out there successfully spreading the word about our product and in a profession that’s measured on results, she’s delivering.”


Sarah is delighted to have found the position through Graduate to Merseyside:


“The team at Graduate to Merseyside were brilliant.  They made the whole process easy for both parties.  They are experts at matching a graduate’s skills and attributes with the demands of the job, rather than just looking at your qualifications and experience, going beyond what a recruitment agency might do.”


Brew Tea Company supply museums, hotels, coffee shops, cafes, visitor attractions and bars all over the UK.


For further information

E: gradopps@liv.ac.uk

T: 0151 794 5112

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