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Draw & Code

Liverpool based Draw & Code, a young and growing digital creative agency; recruits 2013 University of Liverpool Computer Science graduate Andrew Harwood and Computer Animation Graduate Emily Cheung.

Draw & Code Graduates

Based in Liverpool City Centre, Draw & Code was set up in 2010 by three like-minded graduates looking to use their respective drawing and coding talents to create a digital creative agency with a difference. The company has gone from strength to strength and has worked on star-studded multi-media stage productions, created websites with turnovers of millions and helped family businesses grow into something sustainable. If you need a website, a movie, an app or anything else that involves drawing and coding, they are the ones to go to.

With increasing demand for their services the Directors realised they needed to recruit to help with the extra workload. As graduates themselves, they automatically looked to find the best graduate talent in Merseyside. Director, Chris Barker found Graduate to Merseyside online and decided to give us a call. Project Manager Jane Forster was able to identify his exact requirements and recommend what type of graduates would be best suited for their roles. With expert knowledge of local graduate recruitment and with a wide variety of skilled graduates available, the directors were very happy to find out that there were no fees for the service!

In no time at all, Jane managed to source two graduates that could draw and code better than they ever expected. To help with ‘Drawing’, Computer Animation graduate, Emily Cheung, fitted the bill perfectly with the creative skills they were after. For the ‘Coding’ 2013 University of Liverpool Computer Science graduate, Andrew Harwood, had the coding knowledge they required to make an immediate impact. The directors didn’t hang around and after successful interviews offered both Emily and Andrew roles of 3D Artist & Designer and Junior Software Developer respectively.

Chris couldn’t believe how quickly and efficiently the Graduate to Merseyside service provided candidates with the necessary skills he was after:

Chris: “We were really happy with Graduate to Merseyside – as we’re a small and growing company, it was a tremendous help to have access to a great recruitment service without having to go through the typical channels, which are often very expensive, especially for a company of our size. The guys who have come to work with us have been fantastic; they’ve fitted in very quickly and we’re really happy to have them here.”

Emily and Andrew were also extremely happy with the service offered by Graduate to Merseyside:

Emily: “Working at Draw & Code has been a great experience so far, I have been learning a lot everyday and look forward to every new day at work. I feel extremely grateful that I was able to find a great role in my field of study since I know how hard it can be for graduates these days.”

Andrew: “I am delighted to have found a position at Draw and Code. Working in a small sized team you get a great insight into the overall development process and you really feel like you are contributing to the team. Draw and Code have given me the time to learn their ways of working which has really helped my transition from University into industry work where I am learning to put all my theoretical knowledge into practice. I am really pleased to have found a position where I am working with really nice and exceptionally skilled people who I feel I can learn a lot from.”

Draw & Code’s experience shows how Graduate to Merseyside can not only simplify the recruitment process but also provide graduates with the right skills and attitudes to fit seamlessly into your company.

If your company is considering recruiting a graduate, why not follow suit and contact Graduate to Merseyside today.

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