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Goodwin Electronics

Wirral based Goodwin Electronics, a leading electronic control and positioning systems company; recruits Liverpool John Moores University Broadcast Technology graduate David Anson.

Goodwin Electronics


John Owen, Managing Director of Goodwin Electronics, spotted huge potential when he was introduced to Liverpool JMU Broadcast Technology graduate David Anson through the Graduate to Merseyside scheme.


Goodwin, a leader in electronic control and positioning systems for over 25 years, requires that any addition to its relatively small team makes an immediate impact and adapts to the changing demands of its high-tech sector, so when David was recruited he was tasked with applying his electronic engineering skills to a roll in an area he had little previous experience of.


“The demands of our industry are specialised so we’ll seldom find the perfect match of skills and experience – in this case we were looking for a bright graduate with a fresh outlook who could develop their own role within the business.” Said John Owen.


He added: “David is ideal for this role. He looks after technical enquiries, purchasing and manufacturing supervision, and in time he’ll take on more responsibilities in these areas.  Without Graduate to Merseyside we’d have found it very difficult to find this mix - other agencies find it difficult to understand our needs.”


David was delighted that Graduate to Merseyside had the insight to recognise he could be right for the role, adding: “The people at Graduate to Merseyside did everything from advertising the post to setting me up with an interview.  They saw how my electronics background could be applied to the role at Goodwin, which is typical of their close attention to detail.”


David is fast becoming one of the company’s specialist technical advisers.


For further information visit: www.goodwinelectronics.com


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