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Joe Black Coffee

Liverpool based Joe Black Coffee, suppliers of quality coffee to caterers, retailers and coffee lovers everywhere; recruits University of Queensland PR/Communications graduate Clare Brotherson.

Joe Black Coffee

Graduate to Merseyside has established itself as a provider of high quality recruitment services for Merseyside businesses. We are pleased to announce that Joe Black Coffee has recently recruited our 300th graduate.


A local success, Joe Black Coffee have been roasting and supplying exceptional coffee to caterers, retailers and the public across Merseyside for over 50 years. Growing rapidly they have now become the established supplier to Liverpool’s museums, the North West’s top restaurants and many thriving coffee shops.


Never wanting to stand still Director Jeremy Janion wanted to bring fresh ideas to help with Joe Black Coffee’s PR and marketing. After receiving a copy of our E-Newsletter he immediately contacted Graduate to Merseyside to help find a suitable candidate for his opportunity. Project Manager Jane Forster was able to source PR graduate Clare Brotherson who exceeded his expectations. Not only with prior experience in PR communications across digital and traditional mediums, Clare was previously a Head Barista with a love of quality coffee! Jeremy acted swiftly and offered Clare the role helping Graduate to Merseyside to place its 300th graduate.


Jeremy is very positive of his experience with Graduate to Merseyside:


“The process of identifying and employing the person with the skills needed has been immeasurably assisted by the services provided by Graduate to Merseyside. Having established a specific, but flexible, job description we were presented with several promising candidates. The selection of the successful applicant proved to be a very straight forward and pain free process.”


Clare is equally pleased:


“Graduate to Merseyside is an excellent service for graduates who are passionate about the region and its economic development. Practical advice, pro-active engagement with both candidate and employer, and job listings that really inspire – it is an exceptional service for all businesses and graduates in the community.”


Joe Black Coffee’s experience demonstrates how Graduate to Merseyside can help you find graduates with skills and experience that can exceed your expectations.


Graduate to Merseyside has placed graduates not only in marketing, IT and engineering roles but numerous other areas including: logistics, finance, graphic design, science and administration.


From short term projects to permanent opportunities, why not follow Joe Black Coffee’s example and recruit a graduate by contacting Graduate to Merseyside today.


For Further Information


E: gradopps@liv.ac.uk

T: 0151 794 5112


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